Our Restoration Philosophy

We Provide the Complete Range of Services necessary to Competently Undertake the Restoration of Automobiles of any type or age, and successfully deliver the finished car to its new owners in a condition that will reward their investment and provide true motoring delight.

To ensure we can control this outcome successfully, our Staff complete almost every step of the restoration process within our own workshops, unlike many restorers who provide just a part of the process, and have little or no control over the remainder.

Blue Ridge Sports Cars Inc. is renowned for its superb quality of workmanship, and Master Restorer Rodney Butterfield insists, and personally ensures that all projects must be completed to the top standards of craftsmanship. We only accept work from clients who expect their restoration to be done to first class quality.

Much of our time is spent repairing previous mechanical mistakes and poor bodywork which was not done correctly in the past, either because of an inadequate budget, or lack of skill. Consequently, we have found that working to the right standards the first time is always the cheapest path in the long run. We are experts at doing it right the first time, and we will also strive to be honest about what that is likely to cost so the client will not be mis-directed !  Just ask us for free detailed technical and financial advice about any automotive project you may be contemplating.

All of us at Blue Ridge Sports Cars are passionate car enthusiasts, and we are partly compensated by sharing the joy and excitement that comes with owning and driving a truly great Sports or Racing car.  We are all dedicated to ensuring our clients have a truly wonderful and inspiring motoring experience !

Rodney ButterfieldRestoration Philosophy