Robert Norton

Robert (Bob) Norton is a true Master Restorer with over 30 years of experience of vintage racing car preparation, engine building, and automotive restoration. His skills include all aspects of mechanical engineering, remarkable electrical knowledge, and advanced welding and fabrication skills.

Bob is an Ohio native, he begin his trade skills in High School as an Automotive Machinist. He worked in the field for a year before joining The United States Air Force. He served his country for 4 years in the filed of electronics. After The Air Force he spent a few years working as an comical electrician, plumber, and heating and air technician and studied Engineering.

Then Bob went back to doing what he loves, building engines, more specifically, racing engines, like Cosworths, and working on race cars.  He worked under Jerry Mong, the founder of the well respected Bobsy sports and racing car manufacturer, learning engine machining, race engine blueprinting, and fabrication with Jerry, pursuing that expertise with a passion.

In 2009 Bob moved from Ohio to North Carolina to join Blue Ridge Sports Cars Inc as Workshop Manager. He directs all the engine machining and assembly, rebuilds and reconditioning, and electrical refurbishment. Bob also has a passion for researching originality, essential to turn out museum quality cars.

We are delighted to have his exceptional talent heading up the Blue Ridge Sports Cars’ restoration workshops!

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